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Springhouse Theatre

Award-Winning Theatre

Get Involved with Springhouse Theatre Company!

Springhouse Theatre Company is not a closed universe. Part of our mission is to provide a place where people can learn the Theatre Crafts and enjoy the satisfying experience of putting their talents to good use. Not only are our auditions open to all but we have opportunities to get involved in every area of theatrical production.

If you are interested in working in any capacity “behind the scenes” simply contact the person in charge of the area of your interest. Their names and email addresses are given below. You can either reach out directly or sign up for updates.

  • Back Stage: Helping to draw curtains and move sets and props during the run of the show. Contact Chalotte.

  • Costumes: The design, construction, and procurement of costumes prior to the show. Maintaining, cleaning, and storing costumes after the show. Contact Haydin.

  • Graphics: Posters, photography, and program and poster design. Contact David.

  • House: Ushers, box office, concessions, and greeters. Contact Charlotte.

  • Lighting: Designing, hanging, and focusing lights as well as running lights during the show. Contact  Jonathan.

  • Make-Up: Applying theatrical make up and hair and wig styles. Also set up and maintaining of the make up room. Contact Chalotte.

  • Promotions: Getting the word out about LTC! Contact Wade.

  • Sets: Design and construction. Contact Will.

  • Sound: Mic placement and maintenance as well as running sound cues and the board for shows. Contact Ian.

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