springhouse worship

At Springhouse Worship and Arts Center, we choose to worship in a variety of engaging styles with the purpose of creating an atmosphere for our community of faith to encounter the presence of God. We are a crew of diverse individuals who join together in the commonality of our faith in Jesus Christ and a desire to serve our local church with the giftings that have been placed in us by God.


Worship itself is bigger than we often think. It is giving reverence to God through everything that is done or said in obedience to Him. There are numerous examples of types and ways to worship. Our ministry through music, singing, and dance is only part of the greater worship of our God.

Come worship with us! If you are gifted in the arts and have interest in joining one of the worship teams, email Will.


Will Sevier

Worship Pastor Will has been serving Springhouse Worship and Arts Center since 2017. As a long-time worship leader and servant to the local church, he has served in Assemblies of God, Baptist, non-denominational, and in United Methodist churches across the state of Tennessee.


Will has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Martin Methodist College where he studied church music. Will and his wife, Tesha, who is an integral part of the worship ministry, reside in Smyrna, TN, with their three boys.